Thursday, June 16, 2011

Similar, but not quite Kid3EYES........

Sometimes throughout my travels I encounter branding and graphic identities that are very similar but not quite the same as Kid3EYES. I think its so cool to find that fellow graphic designers and artists the world over are doing and influenced form the same things!

check out this international company they are amazing!!!

Random Find in NYC C. October 2010

This is a crazy find, surfing the internet has done me some good!!!! This is a 1959 Chicago White Sox Yearbook. I do believe this is bases off of Phelan's, the resemblances is uncanny!

Phelan's Paint, C. 1948

True this is a Bob's Big boy bite but is not even close to the Kid3EYES Face.....

OK Ames Bros!!!!

Squirt Soft Drink C.1938: Phoenix, Arizona