Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3EYES is back at HomeGrown Cafe in Newark Delaware!

Back by popular demand 3EYES is back at Home Grown Cafe in Newark Delaware - The new work will be up until August of 2013. Please if you haven't made it out to any of my shows please make it a point to see the new work in person. Each piece is priced to move.

Site: Home Grown Cafe 
Facebook: Home Grown Cafe

3EYES:Guy With Gun                   $115
3EYES:Bob’s Big Boy                   $125
The Blind Leading The Blind         $125
3EYES:Casper (Sold as Pair)        $130
3EYES:SkullBot                            $125

3EYES:QE Runner                        $55
3EYES:QE Rubber Ducky             $65

All 3EYES Art comes with Stickers upon final payment.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wow these past few months have been crazy!!!

Wow these past few months have been crazy!!!  = With moving, making New Work, Commissions, Freelance and Special Projects. Including Convoluted Dreams! And of course getting my New / Old Studio back and running - It is great to be back in the space that started it all! - - Ok so here is an up date on Convoluted Dreams at the moment Brandon, Steve and Myself are working very hard to provide and refine the comic book portion of the Kickstarter. At the moment that is all that I can giving you - I know very brief and very vague but believe me we all are doing our best with in our lives to present a superior product to the masses. When it come, is when it come... This ball is very much in play. Also I want to give a huge thanks for the legions of "Likes" and "Followers" on Instagram. This journey on Instagram has been both rewarding and humbling and I thank you all for that! Especially the support and all the new people and orders I have been receiving these past few months. They are coming from all over the world, including Australia!

Please remember to check out my Blog for which you are presently reading, the 3EYESArt Bigcartel web store, and of the 3EYESArt Facebook page. And Yes I do have a Vine! - - Please remember that all the content is NOT the same and it varies slightly on each medium! Happy Creating and Stay Tuned!


Brad 3EYES Turner