Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally a recap of the past 2 months!!! July and August 2011

During the month of both July and August, I participated in the Floating Mammoth Presents show (July) as well as the 2011 edition of the fringe festival!!!! (August)

This was my installation to combat all the ridiculous art that I have seen over the years. Many Artist construct art with found objects and put arbitrary meanings behind their work. They place objects without any rhyme or reason it seems and get paid millions of dollars to do so. And I find it ridiculous that true artist with merit and amazing ideas are never given the credit they so rightful deserve.

The meaning behind this is very simple: By seeing through my hand cut stencils (The process) the work materializes. Most of the materials I used in this installation were found and later reused in other projects. In other words.... Question everything!!!!! Just because someone that is famous deems something as art, does not make it art!!!!


3EYES on TV!!!!

Thanks to Jared Obstfeld from Universal Funk Order for wearing a 3EYES tee at their recent performance on Jusitin.tv. You are awesome man keep the pictures coming!!!! UFO is playing Rockefeller Center NYC style on my B-day, it should be a good time!!!

Check out the band at:
and of course on Face Book!