Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long over due, but not forgotten!

I know this is long over due, but I would like to thank Wes and Steve from the coin loft as well as Ivan and Nancy at engage3sixty for the continued support! Please visit their respective sites because small companies especially here in Delaware need your support and blissing!!!!

Its in the mail!!!!

Some resent 3EYES packages that have have flown the coop!!!!

Oleny High School In Philly Gets the 3EYES Treatment!!!!

Good friend and 3EYES supporter, Nick Mehalick a 12th Grade English teacher at the Oleny Charter School in Philadelphia, recently commissioned me to paint this one of a kind mural in his class room! Please note that Nick did the lettering at the bottom on the bulletin boards, hahaha! Nick is also a local musician and artist. Please check out his band with his younger brother Mike the name of the band is "This Temper." They are crazy good and they are fresh off a summer tour of the east coast. The name of their debut record is called "Play the Victim". I highly recommend it and I even more endorse their high energy stage show. Thanks again Nick, this was a long time in the works and it was an honor to be able to paint in a Philly H.S. 3EYES Style!!! - More pictures to come!!!

Oleny H.S. Progress:

Random Chris White Gallery Shows 2010 - 2011 (Recap)

Can you guess which pieces are 3EYES pieces?????

Chris White Tribute Show: June 2011

NWAA Presents: / Shipley Resident Show: August 2010
This was the 1st resident show for the Chris White Gallery at the Shipley Artist lofts. This show was present in conjunction with the NWAA

Up stairs:

Down stairs:

AIDS Delaware Design Battle: Shipley Lofts April 2010
We has one hours to come up with a re-branding solution given a very strict criteria.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Wilmington Fringe 3EYES sighting!!!!

Although this is just an image, it was still cool that they included my work in the Weekly Spark Magazine. Please check out both the Wilmington Fringe 2011 and Spark sites!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sightings, Sighting and more Sightings!!!!

Jared Obstfeld from band Universal Funk Order "UFO" before their performance down the street from the world famous Fenway Park in Boston !!! Thanks for the 3EYE support, go check out his band UFO at and of course on Facebook. (Granted the image is not the best but its the thought that counts, Thanks Jared!!!)

Long Time Friend, local music supporter, Author and lets be honest here an all around good person!!!! Steve Nepa Rock'n out a 3EYES shirt Webcam Style! Please check out his book its an in depth page turn-er, paying homage to Tales From The Crypt. And, I might add one of my favorite HBO shows from back in the 90's!!! His book "Stories from the Tritone" is for sell on Amazon!!!

Tara "Hibby" Haubert aka Hustle Lynn's (And I might add, one of the best Derby names I have heard in a real longtime!!!) new helmet, rep'n the 3EYES!!!!! Check the girls and her out roller derby style at:

And of course random-ness from Sarah and Kat NYC style! Sarah is one of the original 3EYES supporters and and it means a lot to me that she rep's the shirts hard in the NYC!!!! Kat Livingston is a model, fellow drummer and an actress, although I have known Kat a short time she has nothing but positive things to say about my art!!!! I greatly appreciate the love and I wish both Sarah and Kat the best of luck in their respective ventures in the future!

Please check out Sarah at:

Greetings from Detroit!

Nicole Szychulski's Purse! Thanks for all the love and the support it means a lot to me!!!! Hope you are enjoying your painting!!!!

Random Shirt Sightings!!!!

Random here, there, and everywhere sightings!!!!

Thanks everyone for you emails and thought keep them coming, it means a lot to me that 3EYES is hitting a chord with you!!!