Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oleny High School In Philly Gets the 3EYES Treatment!!!!

Good friend and 3EYES supporter, Nick Mehalick a 12th Grade English teacher at the Oleny Charter School in Philadelphia, recently commissioned me to paint this one of a kind mural in his class room! Please note that Nick did the lettering at the bottom on the bulletin boards, hahaha! Nick is also a local musician and artist. Please check out his band with his younger brother Mike the name of the band is "This Temper." They are crazy good and they are fresh off a summer tour of the east coast. The name of their debut record is called "Play the Victim". I highly recommend it and I even more endorse their high energy stage show. Thanks again Nick, this was a long time in the works and it was an honor to be able to paint in a Philly H.S. 3EYES Style!!! - More pictures to come!!!

Oleny H.S. Progress: