Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3EYES is back at HomeGrown Cafe in Newark Delaware!

Back by popular demand 3EYES is back at Home Grown Cafe in Newark Delaware - The new work will be up until August of 2013. Please if you haven't made it out to any of my shows please make it a point to see the new work in person. Each piece is priced to move.

Site: Home Grown Cafe 
Facebook: Home Grown Cafe

3EYES:Guy With Gun                   $115
3EYES:Bob’s Big Boy                   $125
The Blind Leading The Blind         $125
3EYES:Casper (Sold as Pair)        $130
3EYES:SkullBot                            $125

3EYES:QE Runner                        $55
3EYES:QE Rubber Ducky             $65

All 3EYES Art comes with Stickers upon final payment.