Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am back and it feels good to be back!

I am back and it feels good to be back! A lot has happened since my last post, my creativity is in full swing with new projects and new opportunities. Many more posts are in the works for the days to come.  I am humbled and grateful for the time that was spent between then and now. All of the positive reassuring, comforting and kind words everyone had to say, recently has been my motivation to continue on with my dream and dreams I have for 3EYES. There are way to many people to thank, although I am thanking in writing everyone individually and collectively! Thanks for the 3EYES sightings, keep them coming, thanks for all the unabashed support, and thanks for all the patience, as it was an interesting path to get to this moment.

***3EYES is back and I am just getting started!