Friday, August 26, 2011

3EYES is participating in the Brand Battle on PLNDER!!!

Link to contest:

The 3EYES brand has been influenced by the current street art movement, the D.I.Y. philosophy and questioning our surroundings. The idea of the brand is to seek the truth. By questioning everything that surrounds us, the 3EYES brand has adapted a new way to sell an idea. The 3EYES characters are used much like advertising characters would sell a product. Like Bob's Big Boy would sell food or even the Michelin Man would sell tires, the 3EYES product being truth seeking. 3EYES has just celebrated its 6th run of T’s with new supporters joining everyday. With your help and support 3EYES could reach new people around the world!

These are the 5 images that are up for voting, you can vote every 24 Hours. And remember to vote on all the the designs!